Study of plant under warm and cool light
Study of plant under warm and cool light.

About the Artist

Underpinning my art is an exploration of beauty and its relationship to truth. My research explores the process used to construct artificial space on a flat surface.  I’m interested in the tension between the figurative artists desire to create truth and a process that requires abstraction, simplification and subjective judgement.

My primary focus has been portrait art, but this year I have extended my practice to include a plein air landscape component. My aim is to bridge my two practices and create a body of work that explores the figure in landscape.

In 2017 I completed 4 years of study at the private art school, Syn Studio. My interest in figurative art took me to New York in 2017 where I was invited on a scholarship to participate in a month long workshop at the Grand Central Atelier. My work has shown across North America. Most recently it was selected as part of the TD Wealth – Thor Wealth Management Art Prize and the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series.

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About Graphic Traffic

Graphic Traffic is a blog documenting the images and ideas that inform my artistic practice.