Souvenirs of a City

Last year, I explored the art and life of Rachael Robinson Elmer, an early 20th C artist best known for a series of fine art postcards celebrating the sites and monuments of New York City.

In response to Elmer’s postcards, I produced a series of sketches of the monuments and sites from my own city, Tiohtià:ke / Montreal. In my process, I started to find my attention shifting to the role of these sites in the city. Monuments become metonymic in the postcard frame, but beyond a snapshot of tourism, what do these sites represent for local life? How do we live with them and their history?

From this research, I am producing a mail art project. I will be creating and mailing a series of postcards to a group of artists. My aim is to highlight the multiple histories that make up our city.

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Tam Tams, Souvenirs of a City, 2021, Markers on paper
China Town Arches, Souvenirs of a City, 2021, Markers on paper

The Rokeby Distance Drawing Course

As Artist and Residence at the Rokeby Museum, I developed a new series of work that explores, activates, and shares the letters from a 19th century drawing course and the artistic journey of its student – a young woman who went on to become a pioneering female illustrator.

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rokeby distance drawing week 1
Liliachs, graphite on paper, 2020, Rokeby Distance Drawing Course, Week 1
rokeby distance drawing course self portrait courtney clinton
Self-Portrait, Step 2, graphite on paper, 2020, Rokeby Distance Drawing Course, Week 5
Rokeby Museum Exercise 6 distance drawing course
Postcard Design, pen and ink, 2020, Rokeby Distance Drawing Course, Week 6


Selfie is a series of drawings and paintings created between 2018 and 2020. The series bridges the historic practice of portrait art with contemporary selfie culture.

body mind clinton selfie drawing selfportrait
#Body #Mind, Graphite on Paper, 2019
courtney clinton selfie copy
#Study, Selfie, 2020, graphite on paper